Flow until purchase



Please enter the required items from the inquiry form of our website. First, please fill out and send the required information from the inquiry form.


My page ID issue

After confirmation of customer's will issue an expired ID issued.
We will prepare a dedicated page that can check the auction exhibition car updated every week.


Consultation about desired vehicles

If you want to hear more and more talks, we would like to meet us if you want to consult.
Consultation is a mail, phone, video call, LINE.

(Example: While a car type is not fixed but I want minivan with ○ ○ ¥ 10,000, it doesn't matter what kind of content I want to choose a car).

Request for bid

If you have purchased your own auction agency, please deposit a 10% application fee for the vehicle price as the official request fee.
If the application fee can be confirmed, this applies.
This application fee will be billed to the billing amount after purchase of a car.


Bid and successful bid

Buy the desired vehicle candidate for purchase based on your information.
At that time, we will give you a variety of advice based on the customer's request from the person in charge.
After having a final decision, participate in the competition and make a successful bid if it is within your budget.
If you could not make a successful bid beyond the budget, you will find another vehicle (as soon as possible).



We will issue a final invoice from the winning bid price for the car you purchased, so please pay within 3 business days including the successful bid.

* Payment method is compatible with cash payment, bank transfer, and credit settlement.
At the same time, the necessary documents will be arranged during delivery. (Invoice, Certificate of Origin, Export Preview Jaai, etc)