About auction

Auction house

Can I participate in the used car auction
Only the used car seller who cleared the severe examination.

Many used cars gathered from the whole country as a wholesale market of used cars
Dealings are made in the used car auction site in various places.
Buying price is lower than used car dealers
You can get your car.

Used car auction site
Because the "professional inspector" inspects the vehicle firmly.
In the ordinary direction, they cannot be distinguished
"Anxious spot" will be inspected properly.
I will make a purchase according to your order
Stock risk and maintenance cost become zero.
You will receive only the commission fee.
You can buy more than the embargo price of other stores.


Flow until purchase



From the inquiry form of our homepage, you will enter the necessary matters. First, please fill out the necessary information from the inquiry form and send it.


ID page ID issue

Issuance ID issued after confirmation of your will.
You will be provided with a special page that can check the auction listing car updated with tens of thousands of weeks.


Consultation about hope vehicles

If you want to hear more detailed stories and want to consult, our staff will respond.
We have email, phone, video calls, line.

(for example, I want to have a mini van with less than 10 million yen, I want to know the criteria to choose a car).

Bid request

If the purchase of the auction is decided, please reserve 10% of the vehicle price as the official request charge.
If the application money is confirmed, it becomes a proposal.
The application money is appropriated to the bill amount after purchase of the car.



We aim to purchase the information from our customers.
In this case, we will make various advice based on the customer's request.
After the final decision, we will participate in the competition and we will bid if you are within your budget.
If you can't win the budget beyond the budget, you will find another vehicle.



We will issue a final invoice from the ticket price for the purchased car, so please pay within 3 business days including the day of the bid.

* the payment method corresponds to cash payment, bank transfer, and credit settlement.
In addition, we will arrange the necessary documents for delivery. Invoice
Accommodation site

Auction site

The information of the auction venue of 13 countries in Japan can be viewed.

From regular Monday to Saturday, we are holding trucks, heavy machinery, construction machinery, and agricultural machinery.
The recycling parts are also handled (total stock number of 1.2 million points).